Dr Ro’s Renovation Tips

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Hey folks, Dr Ro here hope you are well. 

I’m going to cover a few things today with you as I’m on site and there’s a lot of things happening. 

One of the challenges if you’re renovating any properties at the moment, or kicking back into renovation there are certain things that are just massive shortfall and one of them is plaster. 

There’s a lot of material at the moment on backlog plasters is like gold dust. Down here, probably about seven or eight pounds for a bag up north might be a bit cheaper. Some of this is selling on eBay for like 30, 40, 50, £55 per bag which is crazy and that’s a shortfall in supply and demand. 

Be mindful for any renovators. I’ve a great guy called Tony here with us this morning. We had some bags that we purchased just prior to Covid for some work, and he came out and looked at it and said it’s out of date. If you’re working with somebody who was less professional they may not say anything to you and you may have issues later on. It’s a warning to you for those of you doing renovation work, your products are actually still within the shelf life. 

So when it comes to anything like this be mindful of it. The other tip is think about your scheduling of time so make sure that if you’ve got certain things planned one thing is labour having specialists come on site. 

The other thing is having the materials to go to work. 

I will show you some other stuff as there is a lot going on, so keep your eyes out. Dr Ro signing out.

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