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Property Investing

Dr Ro has built a large property portfolio over the last 18 years.

And he has taught thousands of students how to create financial freedom in their lives AND how to do it quickly and safely.
As well as the how-to, Dr Ro will equip you with the mindset needed to grow a profitable property portfolio.

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Read Dr Ro’s Amazon Best Selling Book – Turning Point.

Have you ever looked back over time and noticed that there were certain turning points that literally changed the direction of your life? For most people, these turning points are created by circumstance and without direction. In this life-changing book, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe will show you exactly how to create and direct your own turning points whenever you choose to.

Six step change process

Apply the process to your health, wealth, relationships, money and career

Practical powerful tools to learn whose value you are living by

Create a new financial template

Discover seven blocks that crush positive change

Focus on your true life-purpose

Live Events

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Turning Point 2011

300+ people attended Dr Ro’s 3-day
life transforming event


Turning Point 2017

300+ people attended Dr Ro’s 3-day
life transforming event


Communicating With Impact™ 2018

80+ people attended Dr Ro’s 3-day communication mastery intensive programme


Communicating With Impact™ 2019

110+ people attended Dr Ro’s 3-day communication mastery intensive programme


Event Open for Bookings

Communicating With Impact™ VIRTUAL

Dr Ro’s intensive programme CWI™ 3-Day programme is back! If you missed the last events in 2018 & 2019, now is your chance to attend the upcoming Communicating With Impact programme in 2020.

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About Dr Ro

For two decades, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe has been speaking to audiences in the fields of education, inspiration, personal growth, business and wealth creation

The Bald Truth is a symbol of his honest, passionate and authentic style that holds no punches and delivers a powerful and life changing message. Having touched countless thousands of lives, Rohan is recognised as one of the UK’s leading inspirational and wealth education speakers. He is sought-after globally to speak at corporate events, personal development and wealth conferences and has spoken for several major charities including Make-A-Wish, Peace One Day, MENCAP and Global Angels. Rohan is a regular speaker for Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Education, one of the worlds largest wealth education companies.

After a series of personal life-challenges, Rohan created his own turning point and together with his friend and business associate, they developed a property portfolio that grew rapidly into a multi-million pound portfolio in just a few years. Also focusing on his health and relationships, he dramatically changed his life and was very soon being asked to share with others the tools and methods he used to create such a transformation.

Combining his engineering expertise with his vast experience in coaching and working with audiences, he created a form of Human Engineering that anybody can apply to re-stabilise their life and create new life-foundations. Ultimately what this life technology does is enable rapid and impactful changes.

Rohan now runs several businesses, one of which provides coaching and mentoring for anyone looking to create significant personal and financial changes in their lives. He has helped people to overcome major health challenges, saved relationships, guided countless people on the path to financial independence, turned businesses around and created major turning points for people from all backgrounds and ages across the world.

Now Dr Ro shares his tools and techniques, which have been enhanced over 30 years with the Growth Tribes community, through 3 pillars of education.


Seekardo™ Show

Listeners are describing this podcast as the transference of generational wisdom.

Listen to two generations talk about the most challenging topics people face and how to overcome them. The powerful tools and techniques you will hear Dr Ro & Harminder share will help you to instantly change your life.

P.S. occasionally, we have guests and friends on to get specialised knowledge
around certain topics.

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