One tip to help increase your finances

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I wanted to share something with you.

I genuinely believe this, if there was one thing right now bearing in mind Covid looking ahead for the future, what’s one thing that you could do to increase your income in the future without a doubt, it is upping the skill levels in your communication. 

If you go out into the marketplace and you look at some of the most inspiring people, if you look at the wealthiest people, celebrities, entrepreneurs. 

If you look at the people out there who have achieved any high level of success and by the way that success doesn’t have to be monetarily but for a lot of people, it does fall into that category. 

I looked and I asked myself the question years ago what’s a common feature with these people and outside the mindset are lots of soft skills is their ability to communicate what is going on in their head in their heart externally to the outside world. It’s one thing to think about something and feel it. 

Think about the most inspiring books you have actually read; think about the most inspiring movie you’ve ever watched. 

Every one of those was about how that message was communicated to you. 

Tears, joy, ecstasy, frustration, anger, all emotions going up and down all that was down to communication and for a lot of people, they just don’t understand what that system is. 

My message here is if you want to increase your revenue, if you want to bring more income everyone has got a book inside them, an audio book, everyone has got the ability to coach, to share, to help, to inspire, online videos things like this and there is a way to monetise as well. It’s an incredibly powerful skill. 

Master that and you will increase your income without a doubt. 

Professional speaking is one of the highest paid professions in the world but put that aside, bring it into your business and you increase revenue in your business as well. Who’s to say that one technique won’t get you another angel investor?

Who’s to say that one technique will get you a better pay rise? 

Who’s to say that one technique will get you a new customer? 

So start working on this, communication is absolutely essential. 

It will absolutely be a game changer for you.

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