Project Management – Key Tip

Transcription of the video below:

Hi it’s Dr Ro, hope you’re well. 

As you can see we planned to get some of the ground work done here and we’ve had four, five days of really bad weather. 

When you’ve got a situation like that where you want to get your plant in and out, as you can see we’ve stood everything down at the moment simply because it’s just an absolute mess. 

I think it’s something you’ve got to allow for in any project is anticipating something might happen, what can you do to at least keep everybody occupied. We’ve got decking going on over there which is fine but even now the conditions aren’t ideal. 

When you’re planning ahead with anything from building work, if you’ve got outside work going on and you’re not sure what the weather will be like, plan ahead and make sure you’ve got some sort of contingency for the builders. 

On site yesterday the weather changed rapidly and we had other work going on inside, so with any type of planning like that if you’re running a project, make sure that you anticipate the situation ahead of time. 

Either you stand the team down to save you costs for that day or pivot quickly and you move them onto a different part of the job. 

But the other thing is material, right now material is hard to get hold of. 

Any type of project you are running building wise and you’ve got outside work remember the weather can affect that. 

Do you want to pay for the plant, equipment, if you’ve hired it out then you have to. 

But the labour can be pivoted somewhere else, i.e. other work so that’s something to take into account.

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