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Hello everybody I’ve just finished three days teaching on property investing, so it’s been a great weekend. I wanted to tackle a subject that is really important. 

That is the psychology of saying yes. 

When you have an idea or someone has an idea that you really like the idea of doing it’s pursuing that. So whether it’s to do with building a business, a new strategy you’re pursuing those of you property investors that want to get a new strategy, spend more time with your family and doing something more on a personal level, creating something like a book, communicating your message out to the world whatever it is, this is more inspirational message a reflective one. 

Having had a pretty intense three days and that is that fortune favours the bold. 

The reality is that sitting at home being fearful, wondering about the worst thing that could possibly happen, those things that will weigh us down, heaviness around the heart and our mind. 

The problem with that is the minute you start to put a question mark in your mind, and that light bulb starts to deal with what you do is you start looking for other people to validate that very excuse that you created for yourself. The word is a self-fulfilling prophecy and it is human nature by our natural instinct to sometimes pause and depending on your make up your belief system, how you’ve emotionally developed yourself you can go down one or two tracks. 

One of those tracks is my gosh maybe I can’t do this, I need to think about this. What is there to think about? It’s your financial future, or it’s your kid’s future or your future aspirations. 

Most of the time we sit and wait for things to happen that aren’t going to really happen, one of the great quotes is false evidence appearing real Shakespeare said, our doubts are traitors. They make us lose the goodwill we might win by fearing to attempt to have these doubts and they become traitors to us. What we do by human nature is we go looking for other people or other situations that will validate that very fear, so we narrow down our chances, we shrink down our aspirations. 

We let other people stand around us and pee all over our dreams, we let people support that belief system that could be a nagging doubt placed upon you by your parents, or you adopted from your parents. It could be a belief that happened to you that as a result of a significant emotional event jarred you and created a complete definition of that particular part of your life. It won’t ever be any different, but it can be this is the light bulb. Anyone can relight, reignite aspirations in any area of your life, this a brilliant time of year to do this. 

Fortune favours the bold. 

You have to put yourself in the path of opportunity for it to test you to knock you, to stretch your muscles, to stretch your conviction it is who you become through this process that defines you, not what you do, success isn’t some sort of journey it’s an ongoing evolution, a growth. That’s the challenge if you go down that route and you allow it to happen it can reduce your aspirational path whereas you can go down a completely different path where you say I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I am going to do it and you kick open the door and suddenly the light shines through and you look through, where do I go? 

You take the first step. 

You cannot physically steer your car unless it’s moving. You get in my car. It weighs 2.2 times it’s an electric car. Once the car is moving, then you can create the direction of it, you can start to steer in the right direction. 

Problem is total inertia. You have to break the inertia to get that direction and as you go through that door and you can see the light and it’s pulling you around it, it will start to illuminate around you, the people and the things and the opportunities that you need to do to get to it. 

At least you are making a step forward. One step closer and you ask somebody to help you and they come in and guide you in a different direction, and that muscle gets built. You lift the 10 kW you can do, then you go for 20 weight and that muscle starts to build and the funny thing is, once you’ve gone through that door and taken a step forward suddenly, you’re 10 steps down and you look back and that door that was so big has now become small. It’s in the distance, because now you’re in the right direction whereas had you stopped and gone through the other door it would’ve constantly reinforced the belief that you can’t do because fortune favours the bold meaning that when you step up to the place and you’re ready to take action, it will present to you, whatever or whoever you need to make it happen. 

Not always in the perfect form or the perfect timing necessarily. 

Sometimes you have to fit the pieces together, but now you’re reshaping. That’s why when you sit with somebody who’s 70 or 80 they have a calmness about certain things when they reflect back, but if you talk to someone who is 20 or 30 just about to do it because we don’t know, but the minute we become familiar with something it then becomes easier and that thing that we were uncomfortable before now because our comfort zones so we move on to another place. 

Make 2021 a space for you where you are bold because the light bulbs will come on, fortune will shine on you. Not always, of course, there can be setbacks, it won’t be an easy ride. Make 2021, a banner for you. What’s your banner going to be for the year? What’s the inspiration? 

How’s it going to help your health, personal life, relationships, finances? 

Make it the year that you are a freaking warrior you step into 2021 with your light bulb no one is going to take this away from. Nobody is going to put it out, people are going to want to blow out your candle to protect it. 

You go forward, you’re strong, powerful not to say you won’t have challenges, but you approach 2021, with that was the past this is the future, let’s redefine who I’m going to be and how it’s going to be. Make it something different. 

Be bold in 2021. 

Say yes start to say yes, yes, yes, yes, so many people say no. Read Richard Branson’s book on screw it, let’s do it. There’s a chapter on the word yes, it’s like, okay, if you start saying yes to things doors open for you, if you say no doors close to you. 

People will look for the easy way out or are looking for a reason to justify why they shouldn’t do it. And yet they’re looking down the barrel of next year, which is recession, Covid, economic meltdown. 

The whole thing. 

We know that’s going to happen going into a tough year next year, but we can create opportunities in that space. There are more millionaires created through recession any time in history, so we have to allow us to go into that space and be creative. Past is the past, who you were before doesn’t define who you’re going to be in the future. 

Hopefully that helped.

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