Are you growing with your business partner? Enhanced Transcribe: This is just a very quick message on the subject of growth.  Particularly the subject of are you growing and is your partner growing.  Someone raised the question about business partners?  Can one person be growing faster than the other?  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and is it possible that two people can […]

One tip to help increase your finances Enhanced Transcribe: I wanted to share something with you. I genuinely believe this, if there was one thing right now bearing in mind Covid looking ahead for the future, what’s one thing that you could do to increase your income in the future without a doubt, it is upping the skill levels in your […]

Time to check your assets and liabilities Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks Dr Ro here.  A liability is an outstanding debt that you carry. So that could be a loan, a mortgage, for example, you may have money on a credit card that would be a liability as well.  The liabilities are what we owe other people, assets essentially are things that […]

Project Management – Key Tip

Transcription of the video below: Hi it’s Dr Ro, hope you’re well.  As you can see we planned to get some of the ground work done here and we’ve had four, five days of really bad weather.  When you’ve got a situation like that where you want to get your plant in and out, as […]

4 Steps any property investor can put into action when it comes to negotiation Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks, Dr Ro, hope you’re well.  I wanted to tackle a subject around you going out in your property business when it comes to meeting sellers and potentially going into a negotiation.  Literally in the last 48 hours I went to look at a property we’re buying a bigger project, not […]

Do you have a system for managing your finances? Enhanced Transcribe: I want to tackle the subject because it is quite important.  Bearing in mind where we’ve been through Covid and everybody is trying to manage themselves, finances. And that is income, expenses, and although it might sound obvious, it’s not always that obvious for people who haven’t got a system in place.  […]

Important tips for business owners Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks, Dr Ro here, hope you’re well.  If you can see above me an image there of two people communicating from their laptops which of course is a huge subject area right now. We are doing it a lot now.  I think most of you would have had at least one […]

Running a business? Dr Ro’s key tip Transcription of the video below: Hi it’s Dr Ro hope you are well.  Massive subject that has been coming up again and again is one of the components in the level two elements of CWI.  If you’re looking at the green area which is the person that you’re communicating with connection. We had 80 […]

Is now a good time to buy property?

Enhanced Transcribe: Hey it’s Dr Ro, I hope you’re well.  The question is, is now a good time to get into property?  As I’m recording this right now it’s a seller’s market, there is definitely a lot of interest in the property market. People seem to be buying in a very sort of spontaneous way.  […]

The salary gender gap Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks, it’s Dr Ro. I’ve been in front of an audience talking about investing in property in the kingdom, and one of the messages that I shared in this last hour or so was about the gender pay gap, the pension gender pay gap, the investment of wealth, gender gap, which […]