Cashflow forecasting – Are you going it on personal and business level? Enhanced Transcribe: Hi folks Dr Ro here. I want to address the subject of cash flow forecasting.  Two questions, are you cash flow forecasting on your personal life and are you cash flow forecasting on your business?  If I asked that question to the average person who runs a business most people actually say […]

HMO Tips for property investors

Transcription of the video below: I wanted to tackle this subject because I think there are changes happening in the market at the moment.  If you’re looking at houses of multiple occupation, great strategies by the way as they may produce, 200, 300 a month and suddenly it becomes, £900,000 a month net in. So […]

How market changes affect you as a property investor Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks, I thought I’d share a quick message to all of you who are property investors and maybe new to property or have been in the market for a while and just looking at strategies at the moment.  The market has changed on the financial side with regards to the bank’s […]

What is credit blur? Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks, Dr Ro here hope you are well.  We’re coming through Covid, there’ve been many people furloughed many people in a situation where they’ve been made redundant and employed some people are saving money because they’re not spending. Other people have spent, Amazon has gone through the roof a lot of […]

Dr Ro’s Renovation Tips Enhanced Transcribe: Hey folks, Dr Ro here hope you are well.  I’m going to cover a few things today with you as I’m on site and there’s a lot of things happening.  One of the challenges if you’re renovating any properties at the moment, or kicking back into renovation there are certain things that […]

How to work towards financial security through property Transcription of the video below: I am excited to talk about the subject, which I think if you’re brand-new to property or are coming into it, you’re probably wrestling in your mind and when I run my property training one of the things that happens is people say, I’m getting quite excited about this.  […]

Property Investing – Hands off or on? Enhanced Transcribe: I put this up because it reflects the possible questions on your mind, which is again addressing subjects that are coming up either on an ongoing basis or historically and those of you that are looking to consider getting into property or maybe already dabbling in it, possibly starting on the journey […]

Is investing in property ethical? Enhanced Transcribe: Hey everybody, I wanted to tackle very briefly, the subject that comes up and I felt compelled to actually do live on it because it came up in a conversation this week with a gentlemen who I know who has a couple of properties in London and he’s a landlord that’s become […]

Tips for property investors when planning ahead Enhanced Transcribe: Hi folks, Dr Ro here. Hope you’re well.  I wanted to talk to you briefly, for those of you would be property investors, or currently property investors, I just wanted to share with you that there’s a lot of changes happening right now.  The government is obviously stepping in to try and […]

Say YES and engage your unlimited potential! Enhanced Transcribe: Hello everybody I’ve just finished three days teaching on property investing, so it’s been a great weekend. I wanted to tackle a subject that is really important.  That is the psychology of saying yes.  When you have an idea or someone has an idea that you really like the idea of doing […]