If the answer to this question is YES, then this book will provide you with the exact tools necessary to make such changes.
For over 20 years I have coached and spoken in front of tens of thousands of people around the world. Over those years I have observed that no matter what age, culture, gender or race, we all experience times in our lives when we face personal, financial or business challenges. These specific points in our life-journey are often critical moments; turning points that can redefine how we live the rest of our lives. It is when we reach these points that we reach out and ask someone for help. That is why I am here with you in the pages of this book – to help coach you through the Change Process.

The Bald Truth provides you with a proven process that can be applied to any area of your life – no matter what your circumstances. If you engage fully and you are committed to the change that you want to make, then the impact of this process will be significant and rapid.

After earning my PhD, during my life as a Civil Engineer, I was one of the world’s leading specialists in stabilising ground that collapses under buildings and then rebuilding their foundations. Combining this expertise with my vast experience in coaching and working with audiences, I have created a form of Human Engineering that anybody can use to re-stabilise their life and create new life- foundations. Ultimately what this life-technology does is enable rapid and impactful changes. This is the process you are about to learn and apply to your life.

Make Important Positive Changes

As we go through the book, it will be as though I am sitting with you, coaching you every step of the way. I will also share with you real life stories that my clients and I have personally experienced. At each stage you will begin to notice that your thoughts become clearer and the path ahead will start to reveal itself. You will notice internal positive changes happening to your beliefs and outlook about your current and future situations. You will feel more confident in everything you do and your communication both with yourself and others will improve dramatically. Be aware that those around you will start to notice and comment on this too. Furthermore, you will find yourself naturally starting to use these tools with friends, family and even business associates. Such is the power of what this book holds for you.

There are three very important conditions that will impact your success. If you align with these at a high level of energy, then what you hold in your hands is an incredible opportunity to dramatically influence both your life and those you care about:

1. Your desire and willingness to change
2. Your level of excitement about your future
3. The commitment and physical action you put into making these changes

A Breakdown of the Book

Section One of the book is designed to help you clear the path ahead in order that you can experience positive changes quicker and more effectively. You will learn the four ingredients essential for creating internal change. You will also discover the seven most dangerous obstacles that can crush positive change. The final part of Section One is for me to give you a massive PROD. It is at this point that you will develop a completely different perspective on your situation and you will feel focused and decisive about your next steps. This is where you take ownership of whatever is happening in your world and we step forward together into the Six Step Change Process.

Section Two is the Six Step Change Process. This is where you will roll up your sleeves and we will work together to get to the very core of what makes you who you are, why you do what you do and how you want to redefine yourself and your life. Step 1 is where you will carry out an in-depth review of how you are communicating at a conscious and subconscious level. This is where a lot of positive and negative programming can take place. Step 2 addresses your life values –in order to live a fulfilling and purposeful life you must know what core values you want to live by. I will help you identify your existing life values and then, where necessary, completely redefine and re-order them. When done properly, this one step can completely change your view of the world. As we move to Step 3 we look at your Life Rules. Your patterns of success and failure will be a direct result of a set of Life Rules by which you live every moment. In this step you are going to completely rewrite your Life Rules. The positive impact of this will show up both on a personal and professional level.

In Step 4 we dig deeper. Many of the beliefs that you hold today are those of a child, shaped by years of external influence. In this step we will identify any restricting and damaging beliefs, clear them rapidly and then reconstruct specific elements of your belief system. This will be a very powerful and emotional process. Step 5 is about your environment. To achieve sustainable and positive change, every human being must have a supportive internal (mental/emotional) and external environment. Step 5 will involve you reviewing both of these in your current life and will involve you making changes to how you think, who you mix with and potentially where you live. Finally in Step 6 you will explore your purpose. This change process can only have true lifetime value to you if you are aligned with a bigger vision for your life. Here I will walk you through a process for helping you identify what you are passionate about so that you can wake up each day with a purpose not only for that day but also for your life.

Section Three covers the Three Pillars Of Life Balance – health, relationships and money. As I travel the world delivering seminars and working with people from all backgrounds, these are the three areas that people want to work on more than any other. This section of the book will be more like a private mentoring session with me where I will explain the fundamental tools that you must learn and apply if you wish to have more balance in each of these areas. You can increase your natural energy levels, eat healthier and feel more vibrant. You can attract an amazing partner or continue to experience a wonderful and fulfilling relationship. And yes, you can learn to manage your finances and create financial independence if you choose to. Section Three will help put you on the path to success in these three vital areas of your life.


Section Four is where the rubber meets the road. This section has one focus and that is action. It is also a call to arms and a reminder of what you must do next to keep the momentum going.

My Message to Couples

You may be reading this book now and have an urge to encourage your partner to do the same thing but they may not be at that level of development yet. Alternatively, you and your partner may be ready to make changes and are reading this together. If your partner is not on this journey with you, you may be saying “they just don’t seem to want to grow or put the effort in to make changes”. It may also be that your partner has joined you on this journey but they are simply not growing as quickly as you. This is a perfectly natural reaction and you are not alone. I have witnessed countless couples arguing over a decision related to their business, their finances, health or their relationship. That is part of the natural cycle of any relationship – you both have different values and beliefs.

My experience has simply been to be patient. If you can allow the growth to take place in you first and don’t try to force it on your partner, things will start to happen for you both. Remember that you can’t push a rope, but you can pull a rope and so if you focus on you first, find a common vision that you both want as a couple, then you can start to lead the way for the two of you.

A Final Comment Before You Start

What I will share with you in this book is not necessarily all new information; other great teachers have also shared similar philosophies. However, what you will receive is a blend of my own personal experiences as a coach, mentor and speaker plus the tools that I have developed or adapted from my own mentors. I believe that I am a messenger, and each messenger on this Earth has a different voice. It is my sincere hope that my message will connect with you at a deep level and in such a way that you are able to make dramatic and positive life changes.

Most importantly, if you follow the book from start to finish you will be walked through a proven process that has worked for countless people. Each stage is essential to your personal growth and for making dramatic changes in the way you think, act, feel and see the world. What is really exciting is that what you learn here can be applied across every area of your life from health to wealth and love to adventure.

So be different. Act differently. Do not allow those around you who do not have the same vision as you to hold you back. Life is too short. There are too many amazing experiences that you can have if you are prepared to change the way you live and the way you see things. This book is for and about you.

This is not a free ride. But it will be an amazing adventure and a journey that will lead you to what I truly believe will be a path of higher consciousness. I can guarantee you this. There will be a point in the future when you look back at this moment in your life and you will be stunned by the transformation that you will have gone through. That is the power of the journey that you will go through if you read, implement and consistently apply what I am going to teach you. That is my promise.

If you are ready to come on the journey with me, take my hand and let’s take the first step.
Start reading the Amazon best-seller Turning Point (A 6 Step Process for Transforming Your Life) today!
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