What role does passion play when making a big life change

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Hi folks, Dr Ro here, hope you’re well.

It’s really interesting at the moment because as you know the lockdown period certainly in the UK is still to some extent extended, although there’s a lot more activity and there’s definitely people out and about right now doing things and getting more busy. Overall we’re still in a sense of lockdown. 

The last six weeks has been very interesting for so many of us, and there’s been an absolute flurry, the Internet has gone mad. Social media’s gone nuts. People going online and promoting and starting to share their thoughts, which is brilliant and I love the fact so many people are coming online.

At the same time what I’ve noticed and this is some feedback people are giving me as I’ve gone out is that in this space I think people have been questioning rightly so, their careers, the professions, the business they’re in. What’s the new norm going to be like and how is the future going to look for them as they move into this what I think is going to be really the last quarter of 2020 and 2021. If you’re in business how is that going to look? If you’re in business how are your customers going to meet you and greet you? How are you going to get your products and service out to them? 

I’ve been in the speaking industry for many years, along with property and other businesses as well, but that’s been my passion. So, meeting people and greeting people will have a slightly different dynamic. 

Even for me I’m looking at it and asking questions about where is the industry going? Ultimately I think we will get back to where we were in many ways, but I think in that transitional period it’s going to be interesting and difficult, challenging at the same time and opportunity to grow and expand. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever business you’re in, whatever it is you do, whether you’re employed, self-employed, run a business, trade the stock market it really doesn’t matter. The world has changed and with that, I think there’s been two forms of behavioural pattern. Again, this is just me reflecting it’s not about judgement because I myself have gone through the same process.

One of those reflective processes is what do I do? I need to do something rapidly. It’s not a focus, it’s a bunch of things at the same time, but it’s not so much about the vehicles, it’s what’s right for you. I hope whilst we are still in this period if you are in that place where you are looking and driven by a sense of I don’t like to use the word fear, but maybe a sense of urgency because your circumstances are changing or you’re not sure where the next steps are going to be, then if I coaching you right now face-to-face with you what I would do is go through a process with you. I’d be asking you questions about what you’re most passionate about, where are you most aligned. For example, if you’re somebody that tends to make decisions slower but like the idea of an income ongoing then real estate is probably a better strategy for you, whereas trading the stock market isn’t unless you move towards position trading.

Position trading is where you buy and hold for a period it’s almost on the borderline of investing as opposed to someone who is a scalper. Someone who scalps does day trading, which is something I’ve done and I have been doing over the last week or two. You go in and out of the market quickly you take your money and you stop, now that’s great if you are built that way. But if you’re not built that way then no matter how interesting it looks and how great the opportunity is, it’s going to be of no value to you because you’ll start it and you won’t finish it. 

Same with property if you’re someone who doesn’t get on well with people or you don’t feel comfortable walking into old smelly properties that are rundown and dealing with builders and raising finance all those things, then real estate is not for you. Whereas it might be that you are really good at moving quickly and thinking quickly and making decisions, you don’t want to get involved with people then trading the stock market could be brilliant. Maybe you’re creative, you’ve got an idea to create a product and a service. 

The challenge you’ve got is, it isn’t really about the business you’re going into it’s more about how you’re made up and what drives you into that business. So are you driven from a sense of fear and the other process people are going through the second one is they’re driven by a real desire to make change. My hope is that you are driven by a desire to make a positive change and to pursue something different and new because you want to and because it’s been in your mind and your heart for a while, and actually this is the opportunity to make that change. 

What I’m saying is, given a choice to make a change what would that change be? In what form would it take? 

Would it be consulting? 

Would it be doing contract work? 

Would it be simply transitioning into a new career or something different. Would it be starting a new business? Would it be writing books? Whatever it is, do it from a place of passion first. Don’t be driven by fear. 

Fear is very, very, very good at getting you to move quickly without a doubt. I use it as a tool if I’m coaching people. If I need to get them to make a change quickly. I will look at the dire circumstances if you carry on doing what you’re doing. If you live this lifestyle. If you eat this way, if you treat people this way what is the ultimate consequence of this? 

The consequence process in coaching is powerful because it gets results quickly and it does lead to people taking action. However, consequence decisions can be made by ourselves when we come from a place of fear and we’re desperate. Those decisions, if not guided, and if not coming from a place of passion ultimately can lead to you regretting that decision at some point in the future.

The point I’m trying to make is it is a time for reflection and I think it’s definitely not some analytical deep factual video, I just simply want to challenge you and say as you look ahead now, remember we are going to I believe the second wave. The recession is already biting us hard and it started before I’ve talked about this previously. 

So we’re not out of the dark patch by a long way. Decisions have to be made about your lifestyle, about your spending, about your outgoing expenses and your income you want to generate and something that you are aspirational about don’t put them off. Keep them going, and then start to focus on what you think you can generate money from in that respect.

I think that’s the key message. Get focused, be mindful of trying to learn everything at the moment. I know that feeling. I’ve personally been reading a lot on trading. The focus for me, personally, has been picking up what has been a huge amount of content over the years, personal development, speaking content, communications content. All of the brand work that I’ve done over the years. A lot of it’s been created, been recorded, written, but it had been parked whilst I went on to a new project, so for me it’s been a really good opportunity to reflect on what I want to bring to the market still and not keep anything even remotely fluffy out there.

If you know me well, you know I can’t be lightweight. I find it difficult to do so. I’m digging through my content at the moment and saying where do I want to put my focus to get the best message out to people and communication is one of those by the way. You’ve got to get focused because right now you move ahead to move and create something special for yourself and your family. 

I don’t think it’s about being a jack of all trades. I do believe in multiple sources of income, so don’t mistake what I’m saying to say don’t do that. I think multiple sources of income are really important. If you can get a stream of income from real estate and you’re good at it great, go do that. But equally you might create an online product. 

That’s diversification, but in order to create each one of those you still need to focus. I think that’s the key message I want to get across. 

Also just reflect on how you’ve been over these last few months and ask yourself where is your mindset? 

What needs to change now as we move into this next phase? It is like a seasonal thing we’re going through at the moment. I believe we are going into another season of the Covid-19 experience, winter, autumn, spring, summer, and I think we probably may be hitting autumn, possibly I don’t know.

The main thing I want to say to you is, what is your current thinking? 

What’s your mindset? 

Where are you at? 

These are important questions to have with your partner: how do you feel about the future? I think it is important to sit down and put some inspirational thoughts on paper and affirm on paper how you want the future to unfold, so that you can then tread a path through that future, as opposed to it happening to you and you reacting to it and then your future becoming a result of those reactions to a set of circumstances.

I’m going to sign off and I hope that has been of value to you.

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