Why you must make your property watertight ASAP – Mastering renovations part 5

Enhanced Transcribe:

Hi it’s Dr Ro and Col here, we have the camera set inside a window frame, I’ll show you in just a moment. And we are talking about what’s another element we want to get across to you, apologies about the light that’s coming from the window, I’ll grab the camera in a moment.

Col you wanted to talk about roof and roof works.

“So like any property your biggest enemy will be water. So always look at the roof and the condition of the roof. Whether it’s a buy to let, HMO, a brand-new renovation whatever it is, because on this particular project for instance, there are a number of areas we need to take into consideration.
Because we found that the roof needed work to it and actually some replacement.”

We could have found that out before we got the contractor in but there were a lot of hidden elements weren’t there? Which until you rip back you didn’t actually realise.

“That’s the key to stripping out. Because once you strip everything back you expose everything. And once you expose everything then you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

So if you’re looking at the roof and you’ve got a buy to let but there is some damp patches, you need to make sure that gets looked into early on because water coming in will keep ruining what you’re actually going to put in.”

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