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Hi it’s Dr Ro hope you are well. 

Massive subject that has been coming up again and again is one of the components in the level two elements of CWI. 

If you’re looking at the green area which is the person that you’re communicating with connection. We had 80 people on this last weekend and one of the things that came out was that a lot of people forget to do this, to get the connection with the person they are talking to. 

I started to ask people what the impact of this was and I’ve done this face-to-face with countless people over the years, but more specifically as we get into this area of communication with people in business what has it cost you? 

It is a huge cost. 

Number one missed clients people that just didn’t come through the door the way you are communicating through social media. The way that you might be communicating on videos you’ve recorded, possibly clients coming to you, potential clients coming to you and that connection is lost and it dramatically changes the way people perceive you.#

And unless you’re coming from an authentic place and they believe in what you’re offering, your service and they have that trust they’re not going to go any further and connection is the first step to getting actual influence with people to getting them to the sale, getting them to say yes to whatever it is you want them to come through the door and do with you. 

Most people don’t get this, they’ll introduce themselves and quite often jump straight to in my system the sixth big component area. They go one to six and they miss out the ones in between, that’s the challenge. The pain of this is huge. We’re talking about people that said it affected their personal lives on an intimate level, but from a business perspective, hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue, because clients go elsewhere and you can’t understand. 

You’re working and working for lots of money behind marketing to get the message out there and you can’t seem to quite make the connection with people to get them to say yes to whatever you’re offering them. 

Those of you that invest for example in business is where you need angel funding and money being brought to the table think about how many times you pitched and gone in front of an audience and that was a chance to really get people to buy into you and to give money to your business or to become a joint venture partner, whatever it is, lost. 

Customers lost because you’re threatened, your marketing has been skewed in the wrong direction and didn’t get a connection unless you get connections you can’t create impact. If you can’t create impact you can’t influence people to buy from you. 

I have these 38 components.  One of those is style. 

We had one or two lecturers this weekend who said, I’ve been in one style or maybe one and a bit. What if you’ve been using the wrong style to hook people to get connection with them, to get a sense of empathy with them and it might be you’re very one dimensional. 

For example, one of those styles is the messenger and they deliver content, content, content, content, content, content and the other person starts to glaze over. It is knowing how to move between these amazing styles really gracefully and at the same time being authentic and making sure you observe them, so you are keeping that level of observation there, just enough to move them on. 

Because if you lose them at the wrong point it’s hard to get people back. If you run a business or you’re into a career, it’s very costly to not have this connection. 

It’s a really important component to your communication skills. 

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